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Office/Department : Office of the Municipal Mayor
Budger Year              : 2010
I. Functional Statement:
1. Exercise general supervision and control over all programs, projects services and activities of the municipal
2. Enforce all laws and ordinance relative to the governance of the municipality and the exercise of the corpo-
rate powers provided by law, and to implement all approved policies, programs, projects, services and acti-
vities of the municipality.
3. Initiate and maximize the generation of resources and revenues, and apply the same to the implementation
of development plans, programs, objectives and priorities particularly those revenues programmed for agro-
industrial development and countrywide growth and progress.
4. Ensure the delivery of basic services and the provisions of adequate facilities for the general welfare of the
5. Perform such other function as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.
II. Objectives:
A. The general objectives of the Executive is to institute a system of sound planning, organization, direction
and control over all matter relative to the operations or governance of the Local Government  Unit, and as
such these matters of concern shall include, but not limited to the following:
1. To improve the administrative system to facilitate delivery of basic services to the people through
institutional reforms which shall embrace a more flexible and responsive organizational structure
and the installation of effective systems and procedures;
2. To upgrade the competence of personnel through good working conditions, cordial and harmonious
relatioons in the organization and the conduct of short training programs and/or in-services semi-
nars and workshops;
3. To improve technical assistance for advancement and to encourage the organization and develop-
ment of cooperatives among small and medium scale industries to enhance the livelihood generation
capabilities and to top other productive socio-economic undertaking to increase the per capita income
of the people;
4. To adopt a policy of consultation, transparency and accountability in public office and to consistently
monitor and evaluate all projects and activities in the local government unit to meet performance